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Comparative Methods in R How To

Getting started with R:

R is freely available statistical software, which can be run in various environments (MacOSX, Windows, Linux). For a general description of R, visit its its introductory page. To download R, go to its homepage and select one of the mirrors. Most users will want to choose a precompiled binary distributions for their system (Mac, Windows, Linux). For PC users, select the "base" subdirectory and download and run the setup program (.exe file). MAC users will download the .dmg file.


  • How to load a tree
  • How to load a dataset
  • How to....


  • How to calculate Independent Contrasts
  • How to calculate Ancestral State Reconstructions
  • How to calculate measures of phylogenetic patterning
  • How to.....

Tree & Data Manipulation

  • How to run analysis across multiple trees
  • How to subset trees and data
  • How to resolve polytomies
  • How to change branch lengths
  • How to .....